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Action Research Outline

The topic of action research

  • The Student-Centered Classroom of the Future- Increasing student engagement and intrinsic motivation.


Purpose of study

  • To provide research and data to show how the implementation of UDL practices and 21st-century learning methods and ideologies can increase intrinsic motivation and engagement. 


Fundamental research question

  • How can UDL practices implemented through 21st-century learning methods increase student engagement and intrinsic motivation?


Research design

  • We will use mixed methods of both quantitative and qualitative research. The goal is to compile information such as the number of submissions before or by deadlines, the number of students who exceed requirements, data of interest for more class time, student interviews, student involvement in the design of instruction, etc. 


Measurement instruments

  • Observation, statistical tests, interviews, surveys, etc.


The focus of the literature review

  • I will focus on various learning methods that I will use to implement UDL practices. The object would be to review how the methods correlate with each aspect of UDL. 

Book Signing

Literature Review

This review focuses on research on the topics of UDL principles. We pinpoint gamification and design thinking as methods of harnessing and increasing engagement, representation and action/expression.

Action Research Plan

  • Here is our plan for Action research as we further explore this method.

Students In Uniform


Implement the Plan

Stage 1 of the implementation of this Action Research began August of 2020. During this stage, the innovation model was conducted as a blended learning model. The challenge began with keeping students engaged during the pandemic and the newly implemented blended learning model. The focus group consisted of about 10 targed students and their experience throughout the process.


Collect and Analyze the Data

Data and evidence will be collected from August 2020 till December 2021. This evidence will consist of qualitative and quantitative evidence and data collected between the timeframe. 


Develop the Action Plan

Further development of the Action Plan will has taken placeas of August 2021 as we collect evidence based on connections made throughout the implementation of the innovation plan. Our goal is for students to display a hightened sense of intrinsic motivation and engagement through these new practices. 


Share and Communicate Results

We will communicate results through a thorough capstone presentation that could consist of a post with a presentation of evidence and data collected. Our goal is to release results December 2021.


Reflect on the Process

We will include a reflection along with our results through a thorough capstone presentation on December 2021.

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