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Contribution to Learning and the Learning Community


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


The journey towards learning should always be a life-long commitment. It is a commitment that I have come to truly love and enjoy. From the beginning of this program, I felt a great connection with all of the learning opportunities that were presented. This program is who I am. I have seen many connections with the teachings in this course and it definitely coincides with my philosophy and vision of education.
















Many of the contributions that were made started from our first course and led into this one. We have built a core group that has provided daily support to one another. We have formed a group chat using the GroupMe app which has allowed us quick and constant access to each other. Our team consist of the following lovely members:

  • Maggie Franck

  • Jane Nguyen

  • Colby Clifford

  • Tamara Sanford 

  • and myself, Ennis Johnson

I have quickly found my role as being sort of the tech support leader to provide feedback and to make suggestions from my vast experience with technology as needed. I have given insight into different platforms for developing an ePortfolio. I have consistently revised and reflected on class assignments. Our group chat has been an incredible forum of support as we have had many discussions that have triggered the mindset to reflect on our own individual work by asking essential questions, sharing our individual points of view, and comparing and contrasting our work up against some of the examples provided. Although it has taken me some time, I have been able to complete all of the supporting resources within the course. This has been an essential part of my growth as an educator currently as this has provided me with so much more insight and resources that I can use on a day-to-day basis. I have met the deadlines indicated on the calendar. 

Next, I would like to focus on some contributions that could improve or that were not up to my standards and/or the standard of the course upon reflection. I have improved on staying more connected with our group. I helped to provide voices of reason, giving ideas on how to structure submissions, sharing my work for references, and more. We have grown in many areas since the beginning of this program. We have continuously encouraged and motivated each other to stay focused and positive throughout this process as we juggle work and school. 

I would consider my score to be 89. I became much less active in the discussion boards but found much solace in authentic discussions, conversations, and feedback from my peer support group. Although some of our group members are now not all in the same courses, we still have consistent chats multiple times per week to share work and provide intell into how we are each implementing our plans.  We will continue to remain active especially since some of our members are still working through the program.

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