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This implementation plan is based on previous rollout models that have been in development for several years. The class that is the control group is MS Design and Innovation 6, MS Design and Innovation 7, and MS Advanced Design and Innovation.


In the first iteration, we tested out different versions that included a Daily Agenda (Google Slides), a Mini-Course platform (Google Slides) that connected to courses made in Nearpod that linked to various sites that contained activities. These activities included badge collection in Classcraft Quests, CoSpaces, Tinkercad, outsourced sites such as Code HS, Edpuzzle activities, or Flipgrid entries. Also, the LMS used is Google Classroom which is where everything is managed. We have met several challenges in wayfinding, student's understanding of where to find things, and organization. 

In this new beta rollout, we plan to embed everything in 1 site. Students will be able to use an interface much like Netflix to navigate this system. Below is the outline for the official implementation.




Beta TestING

  • The first official stage of beta testing will begin.

  • This testing cycle will consist of a more polished version of the platform. 

  • Students will receive a pre-test showing their knowledge of digital citizenship, coding, and other tech skills for the proper direction of their abilities.

  • Students will be immersed in a platform that gives them the choice of modules to complete.  

  • When a student completes a module they will develop a product to pitch to an audience.

  • They will complete the design thinking process for each specific module.

  • Students will earn base badges for each stage of the design thinking cycle and finally a Super Badge upon completion of the module.

  • All achievements and developments will be added to an ePortfolio for summative assessment and review.  

  • Students will gain points for earned badges, 21st-century skills displayed within the module, as well as other class happenings.

  • Data and feedback will be collected to measure the success of this stage.



Teacher Workshop

  • We will begin to open workshops to coach colleagues in gamification, student-centered classroom, 21st-century skills, entrepreneurial mindset, design thinking, and e-portfolios in blended learning environments.

  • We will also open coaching for the implementation of edtech tools and makerspace integration within core subjects.

  • Teachers will be immersed in the same platform that gives them the choice of modules to complete. 

  • We will present the environment for teachers to experience both as teacher and student.

  • We would then collect interest, data, and feedback that we can incorporate in the official release of the platform. 



Official Release

  • We will have our launch of the official release.

  • The release of this version will include opportunities for collaboration across disciplines. 

  • We will release updates as the need arises and as we continue to recruit more teachers/content.


Beta TestING Cont.

  • We will continue to implement the system with additions required based on the data and feedback.

  • Students will refine skills and knowledge developed in the first stage


  • Students will further develop playlists to curate all courses they choose.


  • Students will have up 2-3 checkpoints for summatively assessing their ePortfolios.

  • Students will be summatively assessed through the design thinking cycle to show mastery and understanding of class standards.​ 

  • This process will continue until the end of the semester.



Refine and reflect

  • We will use the data collected to start planning and implementing interdisciplinary skills and courses within the platform. 

  • We will continue to seek out feedback to meet any committed teacher's needs in providing them support through the platform.


  • We will provide training in the use of the platform with continued support and input from recruited teachers. 


  • We will refine our initial proposal to the administration to include more teacher support and the opportunity for interdisciplinary opportunities for the initiative.



Innovate 2.0

  • We will implement a wide spread project based model that connect throughout various disciplines.

  • We will connect data and feedback for UI and UX from students and parents.

  • We will use data collected to plan for more interdisciplinary units.

  • Form a team of teachers to became compressing common0core standards into a project /skills based assessment model were students will experiences an optimal personalized experience based on their level in each core area ELA, MATH, SS, SCI, PE, ART, TECH.

  • We will develop a functional curriculum that can began the marketing stage.




BETA release 

  • We will began releasing our Beta model out to schools and home schooled students for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

  • We will run diagnostics and provide optimal support to the contracted schools.

  • Our team provide updated content creation and curation throughout the release.

  • We will use send out release updates throughout contracted terms.

Future Plans and Goals

  • Provide professional development on all methods included in the initiative.

  • Recruit teachers and other educators outside of the institution to adopt the initiative.

  • Develop contracts through schools and districts to implement the initiative in their curriculum.

  • Develop a stand-alone distance/home learning platform.

  • Start a school that is based on the initiative.

  • Start a franchise of international schools around the world.

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