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Ownership of Learning

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

I believe that an important skill for students is to become owners of their learning. This factor should reach further than just in an educational sense and more into the recognition of what is allowed to enter the mind. Of course this is not alluding to the sub-conscience state of mind, but more of the conscience state.

As students begin to grow, they gain access to many different tools, devices that can allow them to express themselves in various ways. They also can use these tools to learn and obtain information that could provide avenues for development and also become a detriment to their development. Taking ownership of your learning allows you to consider the purpose of what you are consuming as well as producing. It allows you to determine your "why?".

When educators, parents, and other leaders begin to teach students about owning their learning then students can begin to become motivated and self directed.They become engaged learners who can monitor their own progress, set goals, problem solve using critical thinking, they are able to reflect on their mastery of the content presented.

This skill can help to provide a true learning experience. Students can began to pitch different ways of presenting their work to their teachers when they take ownership. Even adults can benefit from developing this skill. As we face challenges in our lives, it is important to own up to the learning from those challenges that we may have faced. Taking ownership in the roles that we play and owning what we should learn from it. This should in turn lead to a personal development system which can come in the form of self-improvement books, spiritual guidance, or some sort of therapy. This is what life is all about and this is how we can truly prepare our students for the future as well as the present.

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