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Updated: May 8, 2021

I believe that student engagement is the key to an ideal learning experience. With

optimal engagement, Students are able to take ownership of their learning. Make relevant connections and have fun in a classroom setting. When students are immersed in an engaging experience. They can begin to enter into a flow state where they become, in a sense, lost in the learning experience. Time begins to be irrelevant. The focus becomes centered. Students can begin to internalize newfound information and put it into action. This same flow state naturally comes. Students are gaming, for example. This is why I'm a big proponent for gamification in education students began. Well, students can begin to set. Immediate goals as well as future goals.

Students can explore without the fear of failure. Students can also collaborate and communicate with their peers and students also began to become ah intrinsically motivated to achieve rewards. These rewards Grant students, immediate recognition and provide a sense of accomplishment, while at the same time. Students have mastered a specific skill. And they are able to, or they now have the knowledge to exhibit that same skill repetitively. This mirror is a true learning experience. How can we officially harness it?

This ability to fully engage our learners consistently. In an ever-changing. Innovative world.

Our approach to instruction and learning has to compete with innovations of other high-quality ideologies.

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