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The Growth Mindset is the Key

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Carol Dweck's book "Mindset" is such an essential read. The book was one of my first recommendations and reads as an educator. I really took ownership over the concepts and I used the workbook with my students. One of the most interesting thoughts that came about was how the growth mindset and gaming worked hand in hand. The overwhelming positives of learning that comes from gaming are astounding. I have really taken great interest in this concept as I have implemented and gamification game-based learning into my classroom. Upon seeking feedback and results of testing this theory of harnessing student engagement and many aspects of learning that stem organically from gameplay. I have noticed a major disconnect. Students have obtained skills like growth mindset while gaming or in their respective sport or interest but not outside of it. The challenge then becomes the connection. What makes this concept relevant when it's something that they don't think they immediately care about? What happens when it is out of sight out of mind. Here is where it gets controversial in my perceptions of education. What is more valuable to a student for lack of better terms "future leader?.

Is it passing a state test, multiplying 3 digit numbers, or would mastering a growth mindset provide more value?

I would argue for a growth mindset but my question is... When are we going to accept change in our age-old concept of "school". We constantly accept change in the newest vehicle, latest dance, newest clothing trend, most popular social media app, yet how dare we touch education. Our mindset is fixed and for the sake of creating a better world than today starts with a growth mindset for education in itself.

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