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Professional Learning Networks

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

I absolutely love to learn. It is what drives me every day, to continue on the path to learn new ideas and concepts. Learning for me is fun and a big part of learning is being a part of groups that help push along that agenda. I have recently became a part of all kinds of different learning communities and networks. Here are a list of different communities and networks that I have become a part of:

  • Classcraft Ambassadors

  • Design and Innovation Cross-Divisional Team

  • Teacher Leaders of MS at ASD

  • Lamar Graduate Program Cohort

  • EdTech Tips and Tricks

  • Middle School Video Game Design Teachers

  • EdTechTeam Global Community

  • DFW Teachers' Lounge

  • Teaching During COVID-19

  • Black Educators in Dubai

  • Technology Teacher Talk with Brittany Washburn

  • Instructional Designers in Education

  • Shake Up Learning

  • Nearpod Educators

  • The Infused Classroom

  • UX of ED

  • Entrepreneur Mindset Group

  • #TeacherpreneurTribe

  • Twitter Network

  • Instagram Network

  • Black Male Educators United

Being apart of so many PLN's can cause for some disconnect. I can find my self distant in some groups versus other groups based on the personnel. Some groups tend to lean towards a surface level mindset at times which I do not normally connect with. I like to be more observant than vocal. I do find areas to collaborate or offer suggestions when the situation is relevant to my knowledge and/or experience. I love to be of assistance to others as well. I have started or have been asked to lead certain groups based on my skill set and outside of the box ideas and concepts.

Having a PLN is essential to growth as a professional. It allows opportunities for reflection, seeing different perspectives, and gaining new knowledge and ideas. These factors build confidence and also provides support both mentally and emotionally. I am currently fully engaged in multiple networks as I try to become the most innovative educator I can be.

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