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The COVA Way

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The COVA approach seems to be a unique outlook geared towards student centered learning. I like how it highlights the 3 factors that lead towards an authentic learning experience. This approach is very familiar but it is nicely put into a cohesive learning approach. I think that the challenge comes in the “how”. I believe that I have found ways to incorporate this approach in the classroom but it is definitely difficult to measure. I find that student feedback whether formal or informal has been instrumental in the success of an approach like this. Sometimes when parameters are left to the “imagination” of the students, they can tend to struggle. Implementing a solid framework helps to navigate students through this approach. The LXD (Learner Experience Design) is so important. The Growth Mindset is the key to making COVA come to life. When students begin to ignore limits, they can embrace choice, ownership and voice.


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