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Introducing Prototype FLX our flagship 21st Century Gamified Learning Platform

The Future Learning Experience is unlike any other educational platform. We have harvested the ability to truly center learning around students with a gamified environment. Students will gain access to a vast amount of skills and knowledge through design, production, and technology. Specific areas include Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Coding, Game Design, Media Production, Digital Citizenship, and much more. 

Students will obtain an entrepreneurship mindset as they master the design thinking process to develop products through project-based learning. The use of 21st-century skills will drive this experience through collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and other concepts. 

 We like to refer to this class as an experience instead of a class as the focus is not on grades and assignments. We implement a personalized learning experience where students can work at their own pace. The Design Thinking Process will play a major role in how we develop designs and productions. We will embark upon a gamified journey throughout this experience that is one of a kind. Prepare for an epic adventure all wrapped into a classroom!

Harnessing Design Thinking for Real-World Innovation

We harness the transformative power of Design Thinking to inspire learners to design impactful products and craft solutions with real-world relevance. Our project-based learning journey cultivates curiosity, fosters collaboration, and equips students with the tools to innovate authentically. We empower students to transcend the theoretical, bringing their unique visions to life in ways that resonate beyond the classroom and into the fabric of society.
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Unleashing Play Through Gamified Learning

DIX propels education forward by harnessing the power of gamification, a dynamic engine that cultivates the four freedoms of play—experimentation, the embrace of failure, the adoption of identities, and the celebration of effort. Our narrative-driven world-building engages students in an immersive storybuilding experience akin to living within the pages of a graphic novel or a sci-fi epic. As they navigate through this educational adventure, learners don't just study a futuristic story—they become an integral part of it, allowing them to explore, fail, reinvent, and persevere within a safe and stimulating learning ecosystem.

AI-Driven Discovery in Education

FLX integrates Generative AI to elevate learning, empowering students to master the art of inquiry and creation. AI prompts spark planning and ideation, laying the groundwork for students to craft their narratives within a flipped classroom model. As learners interact with AI, they dissect its logic, enhancing their understanding and shaping the story of their design journey. Each project becomes a collaborative tale of AI-assisted innovation, uniquely told by our learners.
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Universally designed for all learners

At FLX, we've crafted a learning framework to develop experts who are driven and knowledgeable, with a strategic and purposeful mindset. Our inclusive approach ensures a safe and welcoming space for all, celebrating and integrating a tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We're committed to fostering a community where every learner is valued and empowered to succeed within our comprehensive academic program.

Nexus of Collaboration: A Synergistic Learning Web

FLX champions a cohesive ecosystem where educational platforms are not just connected, but interwoven into a vibrant network. This space is where learners and mentors converge, fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication. Access is broadened to a diverse spectrum of experts in teaching, design, and technology, ensuring a multi-disciplinary approach to education that enriches every interaction and sparks boundless innovation.

Seamless Learning in the Digital Cloudscape (BYOD Enabled)

FLX embraces the digital age with a flexible, cloud-based learning environment accessible from any device with an updated web browser. Catering to diverse learning preferences, our platform supports a multitude of tools and applications, both cloud-native and downloadable. Emphasizing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach, we empower learners to craft their educational journey using devices they're most comfortable with, fostering a personalized and engaging experience as they navigate through innovative learning and creative software.
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Empowering Future-Focused "Feed-Forward"

Aiming to provide actionable, future-oriented opportunities for "feedforward" through proactive engagements and anticipatory challenges. Students can utilize the PUSH Model to conduct pilot reviews of their work, gaining focused and strategic insights for enhanced outcomes. Self-reflection paired with collaborative planning paves the way for learners to self-actualize as innovative thinkers and take charge of their creations. The PUSH Model, an evolution of the RISE Model by Emily Wray, is our chosen framework to organize and enrich the exchange of constructive feedforward.

Click here to learn more about our research on our method.

Powered by some of the most innovative design and educational applications and platforms

Powered by some of the most innovative design and educational applications and platforms.

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Parents can sign up their students for a monthly/yearly package as well as access to our summer camp program.


Teachers and schools can sign up to integrate their digital media/technology classroom with our platform.

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