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The Tomorrow Teacher Instructional Design Model (Updated)

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

After much anticipation and the myth of this ambitious learning model, we have launched a glimpse into the model to see how can it work. This video overview can only scratch the surface of what the design of this model can really do. The student's reaction to this experience is the real marvel as they truly take ownership over this method. Please take a look into the structure of the Instructional Model. This video will show how it is implemented in my current program but I implore you to imagine the opportunities of this model working in your situation. Please be open-minded as you look into the design and imagine a truly student-centered classroom. *See the updated implementation model below this video.


We have developed an updated model based on need as well as feedback from students and peers. As we adapt to this 21st-century teaching model, we want to design a system that totally implements our innovation plan to new heights. The video below signifies the updates from the video above where you can see a more cohesive model that provides a more logical and useful UI and creates a UX more like the gamification model that we have implemented. We have worked diligently on multiple iterations of this module and have finally found a version that best suits our innovation plan outside of a robustly coded yet customized LMS application that could come in the future.

This updated version is back channeled through Google Classroom. It provides even more of a one-stop-shop to access all class materials than the last model claimed to be. Fortunately, we have implemented this plan for 3+ years now and we have reached some of the more redefined stages thanks in a major part to this Applied Digital Learning Graduate program. Our next stages are to open up this model to run independently of a "class" and become available to all students through an extended version of the original classes. Students would then be able to access course materials and modules. They would be able to design and create based on their outside passions as the extended version of this class would act as a club. Check out the implementation video below for the updated version:

Usability Testing

We had the opportunity to test this platform amongst a small group of students before we went class wide. The reaction was very encouraging. I also had a chance to use my department colleague to participate in a usability test to further assess the new module. Based on the testing, It is confirmed that the second model that was covered in the implementation video addressed the issues from the first model. The message board and Flipgrid Helpdesk are the most popular additions which provides all learners with more valuable support. We will also work on providing more freedom of exploration to each of the classes as we move forward. Please check out the usability testing below:

If you could humor this ambitious innovative plan, imagine how the instructional design could work within your course content. Getting your learners engaged and excited about learning through a very unique yet invigorating approach could flip education as we know it on its head. Facilitating a truly student-centered classroom is an unbelievable experience as students begin to take ownership over their learning as they make real-life connections to their passions and their future endeavors.

Please click here for more information on our PD for developing this model for your program:

Check out our planned rollout and release of the official model in our implementation plan:

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