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Innovation Plan Overview

Today, our world trembles in the face of a global pandemic. Our students are now immersed into an educational system that is not suitable to meet their needs, wants, or desires. It is our goal here at the The Tomorrow teacher to provide students and all forms of educators with an initiative that can aid to bridge the gap from the old to the new. We want to prepare for the future by embracing the present and learning from the past.


Our vision culminates a project-based concept that is managed through gamification, design thinking, and student centered learning. We believe in providing students relevant experiences as well as preparation to be competitive in the future workforce. We promote a personalized learning experience that is universally designed to meet all learners where they are. We understand that the user or learners experience is important and engagement holds the key to empower learners.


We want to inspire learners with an entrepreneurial mindset that launches them to set goals, track growth, and develop a portfolio that can house all of the work and skills that they achieve. We are passionate learners and we want to really inspire learners to be driven through their passion as well. We are currently conducting more research from the following list of resources:

  • UX of EdTech (Podcast)

  • Think UDL (Podcast)

  • Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans (Book)

  • The Art of Creative Thinking by John Adair (Book)

Please proceed below to navigate this site view our plan through the innovation proposal, literature review and the implementation outline and join us throughout the process of making this change come to life. Let's reimagine education together!

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Innovation Proposal

This proposal sets the stage for the concept of the Tomorrow Teacher Initiative.

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Literature Review

Check out our blog post on the research that supports our initiative.

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Architecture Model Sketching

Implementation Outline

Check out our outline for the implementation of our plan.

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Modern Laptop

Applying Educational Technology: Portfolio

Check out our journey through the Applying Educational Technology course.

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In a Meeting

Leading Organizational Change

Check out our journey through the Leading Organizational change course.

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Teacher with Tablet

Concepts of Educational Technology

Check out our journey through the Concepts of Educational Technology course.

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Learning with Tablets

Creating Significant Learning Environments

Check out our journey through the Creating Significant Learning Environments course.

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Designers Looking at the Computer

Developing Effective Professional Learning

Check out our journey through the Developing Effective Professional Learning course.

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Scientist Using Microscope

Action Research for Innovation Plan

Check out our Action Research for our Innovation Plan

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Instructional Design Model 

Check out our Instructional Design Model for our Innovation Plan

Applied Digital Learning Journey Synthesis

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