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I have recently incorporated feedback as a big part of my class this year. In adopting the design thinking process, this becomes an essential step. A game design needs beta testers to make sure that the new game in development works. This is essential for mass production and sales. This same concept is essential for the growth of our students. The true learning comes when a person can use feedback to improve on what they are doing.

Feedforward takes that concept to a whole new level. The goal of the critique then changes into something more beautiful. It is like supercharging the feedback. I have previous experience with this concept with using the R.I.S.E model. The R.I.S.E. model is a process to structure and facilitate the giving and receiving of meaningful feedback. This model is a method to transform feedback into feedforward. R.I.S.E. is an acronym that stands for Reflect, Inquire, Suggest, and Elevate.Aligned with Bloom's taxonomy for higher order thinking, the four tiers of the model prompt users to reflect, then build a constructive analysis through inquiry, all while providing suggestions and ideas to help elevate each others work. (Wray, 2020)

Check out this video showing how I incorporated this idea into my classroom for my students:

For more information on the RISE model check out Emily Wray's site


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