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Our Why?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

I fully understand that I have been posting some ideas and concepts that seem so far-fetched. I have been known to be somewhat of a dreamer. The "why" behind how and what I am really proposing is this:

  • Why- We strive to develop a future-ready generation through learning experiences based on passion, innovation, and engagement.

  • How- To do this, we create a high-quality, gamified environment that allows students the freedom to explore, take risks, and experiment through a personalized learning experience.

  • What- We build new methods, systems, and concepts to revolutionize education towards 21st-century readiness.

Today, our world trembles in the face of a global pandemic. Our students are now immersed in an educational system that is not suitable to meet their needs, wants, or desires. It is our goal to provide students and all forms of educators with an initiative that can aid to bridge the gap from the old to the new. We want to prepare for the future by embracing the present and learning from the past. Our vision culminates in a project-based concept that is managed through gamification, design thinking, and student-centered learning. We believe in providing students with relevant experiences as well as preparation to be competitive in the future workforce. We promote a personalized learning experience that is universally designed to meet all learners where they are. We understand that the user or learner's experience is important and engagement holds the key to empower learners.

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