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Implementation Strategy for the development of The Tomorrow Teacher Curriculum

Updated: May 8, 2021

In various articles, we have toughed on many different facets of our initiative. We have set the tone for our why, our passion, our commitment to bringing a new wave of learning to the world. We have strived to make you aware of each step in our process as we want our viewers to get involved and be come apart of our goals. We disclosed our implementation plan which brought you an overview of some of the beginning ideas and concepts behind our initiative. We want to jump on the wave of the future when it comes to education as this is our passion.

As we continue to develop the initiative, it has become abundantly clear that what we really want is to create a curriculum that could be used worldwide to offer this new innovative teaching practice to all. This program, Digital Leading and Learning that I am currently in, has truly helped the vision become more of a reality everyday.

This article will continue the process as we begin to focus on an Implementation Strategy using the 4 Disciplines of Execution. This strategy will be shared amongst a team of talented specialist in 8 content areas creating reliable partnerships which shares the same vision, drive, and passion. This group of individuals was recently targeted and recruited using our influencer strategic plan.

Our main goal or WIG (Wildly Important Goal) is as follows:

Our goal is to further develop our blended learning model from a single classroom concept to a full (Grade 1-8) curriculum that would be ready for distribution by January 2024.

Check out our Implementation Outline for details on our more current outline!

Lead measures would include the following:

  • Consolidate and adapt standards into 4 overarching teaching strands for each content area (Grades 1-8).

  • Map interdisciplinary skills to make essential connections across contents .

  • Create and specify traditional (such as MAP testing) and authentic assessments that measure common core standards.

  • Determine specific materials, resources, and platforms.

  • Create YAG, course mapping, scope and sequence, etc.


Below, you will find a scoreboard or tracker we will use to track our progress on various lead measures including: Standard Consolidation and Adaption and Interdisciplinary Content Mapping.

As you can see here, our top priority is to create an intuitive and highly effective learning system in which is highly communicable. Students will began to make connections that they've never thought of before as will the educators. This process will lay the foundation of what we believe in order to get from where we currently are to where we want to be.

Our team will meet bi-weekly to discuss our progress on this goal. We are currently in the process of seeking more team members that fit the mold of what we are looking for in an educator. Our current model is still in the beta stage but we are gradually ironing out the kinks and creating a more intuitive and innovative system everyday. We love to learn and grow with our learners. We plan to continue this pattern for years to come!

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