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Technology as a tool to enhance Learning not replace it

Updated: May 8, 2021

I have been an avid supporter of maximizing technology usage in the classroom since I first became a teacher. I immediately realized how difficult the job was the year before I started as I was a long term substitute. One of the biggest reasons why I began researching educational technology applications was the chaos of the copy room. Standing in lines, running out of paper, and the dreadful malfunctioning of the machine based on high usage. I thought to myself, as an educator, wouldn't it be important to consider sustainability efforts by using technology more effectively.

Now I understand the screen time dilemma but there are many ways where we could have thought of creative ways to reduce screen time. Making copies are definitely not one of them. Now this was obviously before the covid pandemic times but let's take a deeper look at the irony of it. I began teaching in 2014 and there were many reasons why we needed to make an educational shift to catch up to the 21st century; not just for sustainability causes but also for gaining a competitive advantage and at minimum for at least leveling the playing field. The field is engagement. What has engages our students? When students have a choice, what would you find that student doing without guidance or direction?

The beautiful thing that has happened during the 21st century is that education now has enough research and resource to sort of level the playing field of engagement. Various innovative learning methods, edtech programs/apps, and new technology concepts have now paved new pathways into the instructional process.

As we continue to be forced into finding more innovative ways of reaching our students because of the pandemic, this has been a beautiful storm for education. It has caused us to rethink what we have been doing for ages. Our students deserve more because they have access to more. We are now wearing mini computers on our wrist disguised as a watch. Students need more than what has been taught in the 20th century. The access to social media has brought social injustice to the masses on a consistent bases. Students need to become more global minded. Ignorance has evolved from being bliss because we can obtain any answers we need or what from reaching in our pocket.

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