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The Importance of an ePortfolio in Education

Updated: May 8, 2021

I have been using ePortfolio as a summative assessment tool this current school year in my classes. I think that this is an important factor that should be standard in education if our focus is truly about preparing students for the future workforce. I’ve seen so many qualities of its use from my students. It has become an empowering tool for students to track their growth, receive feedback, and display their skills. Students have been very proud to show their accomplishments but more importantly, they begin to recognize pride in themselves as they reflect on their hard work. Most of the time, students see school as an obstacle. Something that they simply have to do. They fail to make the connections to the “why”. E-portfolios are a tool that allows students to see that all of their hard work comes together for a centralized purpose.

As the realm of education grows, new discoveries show that methods such as project-based learning, design thinking, student choice, and educational technology begin to provide new opportunities to express an authentic learning experience. These new methods provide an opportunity for students to create high-quality content. It is essential for students to be able to store their hard work throughout their school years. If our goal is to prepare students for the future workforce then an e-portfolio is an important tool that they would need to market themselves as well as to maintain growth. This could be a very empowering tool that could assist in connecting to the real-world. Below is an example of how the e-Portfolio is used in my class from one of my students.

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