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What is the Tomorrow Teacher?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Inspiring minds is the most important aspect of education. If learning simply gives you more knowledge, then how can it begat power? Of course, i am referring to the notion that "Knowledge is power'. The question then becomes...."what is power?" Knowledge is gained through some part of the learning process. In the teaching profession, we tend to get lost in the structure given for teaching but we seem to forget the importance of the implementation.

  • Does it stimulate excitement?

  • Does it invoke thought?

  • Does it spark interest?

  • Does it relate?

These are some questions that come to mind every time I step foot inside the school building. I think...there are thousands of teachers in the surrounding area... how can I stand out? How can I provide students with an experience that they will never forget? I then remember things from my childhood that I loved to do. I loved to use my imagination to take things that I experienced and create new experiences from inspiration. So then what comes to mind can I inspire?

The Tomorrow Teacher lives for the future. They realize that the goal of their profession is to raise leaders for tomorrow. To help students maximize their gifts and talents. To point students towards success. To serve as a role model. To prepare them for a better tomorrow. They stay up to date. They keep up with the latest trends. They are experimental. They are not afraid of change. They adapt to the needs of their peers and students. They pay attention to what interests the students. They see everyone as equal. The keep a positive outlook. They move forward. They find solutions to problems. They use all of their talents, skills, and resources to provide an unforgettable learning experience for all. The look like where they are going and not were they are. They relate. They are understanding.

I am the Tomorrow Teacher.

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